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Agricultural Applications

There is a compelling need or an expectation behind the scenes of each and every advancement or discovery in life. The same formula applies for biotechnology, too. The scarcity of food makes it difficult meet the demand in the increasing global population. The chemical applications intended to produce more yield in a faster way, impair human health and the environment irreversibly. Herein, the increasing awareness on environmental protection and sustainability intervenes and introduces us to a different concept called: Biotechnology!

Today, there is a shift towards organic agriculture where biological solutions are the key. Environmentally conscious Baugen plays a crucial role in here, delivering agricultural biotechnological products as much as helping proliferate its areas of use.

Baugen’s goals include developing R&D practices on crop protection and crop nutrition, manufacturing intermediate and final products designed and developed by the company itself. Baugen sets its priorities in developing microorganisms belonging in families such as Bacillus, Trichoderma, Pseudomonas etc., and applications without latency, soil-friendly crop nutrition products and soil regulators that improve outcomes with fertilizers.

Overall, Baugen provides an added value for our national agriculture and is instrumental in the healthy soil processing worldwide.