Industrial Cleaners


Alkaline Metal Surface Cleaner


Application Areas and Specifications

  • Product is intended for use prior to painting.
  • Applied by immersion.
  • Highly alkaline.
  • Removes all foreign matter on metal including grease, dirt and other stains to prepare the material for painting.


  • Please read the instruction manual.
  • Do not use for cleaning hands, face, body and food products.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid breathing directly.

Usage Amounts

  • Dilute with HOT WATER as required.
  • Immerse into the metal soaking tank.
  • Remove from the tank after grease and stains are eliminated.

Safety Instructions

  • pH: 12-13
  • Highly alkaline. Causes skin and eye irritation.
  • In the event of skin and eye contact, flush with plenty of water and get medical attention immediately.
  • Wear gloves to prevent exposure.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • In case of discomfort resulting from an exposure to the product, get medical attention immediately and show the product label to the medical staff.