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About Us

Every brand is indeed a story. And all stories have a beginning. Just like Baugen!

The new and powerful company of chemical industry, Baugen, stemmed from the idea of “combining chemistry with biotechnology” during a conversation between two friends. This conversation material got off the ground, as any strong idea would, and turned into solid reality.

Baugen is one step ahead from all competitors in the industry, because of its integrated approach to chemistry and biotechnology. The chemistry and microbiology laboratories and the integrated manufacturing facilities incorporated within, stand as a powerful evidence for this vision!

We told you before, that every brand has a story. And every story has a creator. Baugen also has two visionary scientists and industrialists operating in chemistry and biotechnology fields for many years already. Two entrepreneurs sincerely believing in change and progress!

These two entrepreneurs have a genuine offer for you today. Be a part of the Baugen World. Not solely as a business partner, but as an actor in this prosperous journey in the long run. We can evolve and we can progress together. More importantly, we can write this remarkable story together!



R&D may consist of only two words but its added value is way too big! As Baugen, we consider R&D as one of the most important components of our corporate culture and we always carry it further.

Beyond designing new products, we seek to deliver new manufacturing methods. That’s how we do R&D! Our mission is to enable you differentiate from other competitors through our innovative product range and services. Because what you do is our business!


We invite you to meet with us and be a part of this synergy!

A good team is essential for a sustainable and substantial company. We are aware of that – that’s why we enrich our team constantly with experience and innovation. Our corporate target is to deliver extraordinary services with an knowledgeable team. We assure you, today’s spark will remain the same tomorrow! So, we invite you to meet with us and be a part of this synergy!

Human Resources

The passion of striving for better!

The passion of striving for better... is one of our driving forces. It is not a surprise that this passion emerges for creating the best team ever, as it does at every step of the corporational organization!

We are a group of people devoted to find out “what we can do better” with all the knowledge and experience we have. If you want to be a part of this team and if you want to reveal your potential and improve with us, then contact us!